The third dimension of epigenetic gene regulation in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Ferhat Ay*, Evelien M. Bunnik*, Nelle Varoquaux, Jean-Philippe Vert, William Stafford Noble+, Karine G. Le Roch+. 2014. Under review.

Rotating views of ChIP-seq data on 3D models3 (GIF images)

    Histone mode /Histone variant     Link to images
H2A 1 Schizont
H2A.Z 1      Ring, Trophozoite, Schizont     
H3K9ac 1 Ring, Trophozoite, Schizont
H3K4me3 1 Ring, Trophozoite, Schizont
H4K20me3 2 Ring, Schizont
H3K9me3 2 Ring, Schizont
H3K3me3 2 Ring, Schizont
H3K36me3 2 Ring, Schizont
H3K36me2 2 Ring, Schizont

1 Bartfai R. et al. PLoS Pathogens, 2010 -  Publication link
2 Jiang L. et al. Nature, 2013 -  Publication link
3 Ay F. et al. Genome Research, 2014 -  Publication link

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Plasmodium 3D: Three-dimensional modeling of the P. falciparum genome during the erythrocytic cycle reveals a strong connection between genome architecture and gene expression. Fit-Hi-C: Statistical confidence estimation for Hi-C data reveals regulatory chromatin contacts.


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