CSE 590C, Autumn 2019: Reading and Research in Computational Biology

Course information

CSE 590C is a weekly seminar on Readings and Research in Computational Biology, open to all graduate students in computational, biological, and mathematical sciences.


Date Presenters Faculty mentor Paper
Sep 30 Organizational meeting
Oct 7 Gabe Erion Yuliang Wang "SCRABBLE: single-cell RNA-seq imputation constrained by bulk RNA-seq data"
Oct 14 Fanny Huang Bill Noble "A supervised learning framework for chromatin loop detection in genome-wide contact maps"
Oct 21 Max Gray, Joe Janizek Su-In Lee "Autoencoder and optimal transport to infer single-cell trajectories of biological processes"
Oct 28 Class cancelled due to illness
Nov 4 Johannes Linder, Ethan Bill Noble "Data denoising with transfer learning in single-cell transcriptomics"
Nov 11 No school — Veterans Day
Nov 18 Kathleen Abadie Yuliang Wang "High-definition spatial transcriptomics for in situ tissue profiling"
Nov 25 Alanna Gary, Alyssa LaFleur John Mittler "HIV control strategies for sex worker-client contact networks"
"Universal voluntary HIV testing with immediate antiretroviral therapy as a strategy for elimination of HIV transmission: a mathematical model"
Dec 2 Jacob Schreiber Bill Noble "Cross-species regulatory sequence activity prediction"

Note on electronic access to journals: The UW Library is generally a paid subscriber to non-open-access journals we cite. You can freely access these articles from on-campus computers. For off-campus access, look at the library "proxy server" instructions. You will be prompted for your UW net ID and password.

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