./tide-results [options] --results_file=<filename> --proteins=<filename> --spectra=<filename> >
The tide-results program displays Tide search results as computed by tide-search. Several display formats are available. The search step is to have been previously performed by tide-search, and the result file is to have been saved in protobuf format using the --results=protobuf command-line switch. The spectrum file (.spectrumrecords file suffix) and the protein index (.protix file suffix) used during the search must also be available.
Input: Output: Options:

Detailed output formatting options. The following options allow detailed specification of what information to display for each search result.

./tide-results --results_file=yeast.results --proteins=yeast.fasta.protix --spectra=yeast-02-10000.spectrumrecords --out_filename=yeast.results.text --out_format=text