Terms for genes.txt

Result Table

Terms from the Component Ontology with p-value as good or better than 1
Gene Ontology termCluster frequencyGenome frequency of useCorrected P-valueFDRFalse PositivesGenes annotated to the term
cytosolic large ribosomal subunit (sensu Eukarya)2 out of 23 genes, 8.7%42 out of 30000 genes, 0.1%0.012350.00%0.00NM_001002, NM_053275
large ribosomal subunit2 out of 23 genes, 8.7%64 out of 30000 genes, 0.2%0.028631.00%0.02NM_001002, NM_053275
cytosolic ribosome (sensu Eukarya)2 out of 23 genes, 8.7%72 out of 30000 genes, 0.2%0.036161.33%0.04NM_001002, NM_053275
ribosome3 out of 23 genes, 13.0%292 out of 30000 genes, 1.0%0.036371.00%0.04NM_001002, NM_053275, NM_001007
ribonucleoprotein complex3 out of 23 genes, 13.0%550 out of 30000 genes, 1.8%0.214792.40%0.12NM_001002, NM_053275, NM_001007
cytosol3 out of 23 genes, 13.0%586 out of 30000 genes, 2.0%0.255262.33%0.14NM_001002, NM_053275, NM_032918
cell19 out of 23 genes, 82.6%18765 out of 30000 genes, 62.5%0.8669110.86%0.76NM_004188, NM_001437, NM_014326, NM_153715, NM_006922, NM_053286, NM_052900, NM_014352, NM_005314, NM_001007, NM_005862, NM_005121, NM_001002, NM_053275, NM_001212, NM_016602, NM_001459, NM_032918, NM_004767
intracellular12 out of 23 genes, 52.2%12204 out of 30000 genes, 40.7%130.50%2.44NM_004188, NM_001002, NM_053275, NM_001212, NM_001437, NM_014326, NM_153715, NM_032918, NM_014352, NM_001007, NM_005862, NM_005121
integral to membrane7 out of 23 genes, 30.4%6423 out of 30000 genes, 21.4%130.67%2.76NM_006922, NM_053286, NM_052900, NM_016602, NM_005314, NM_001459, NM_004767
nucleus7 out of 23 genes, 30.4%6445 out of 30000 genes, 21.5%130.00%3.00NM_004188, NM_032918, NM_014352, NM_001437, NM_153715, NM_005862, NM_005121
plasma membrane4 out of 23 genes, 17.4%3426 out of 30000 genes, 11.4%133.82%3.72NM_006922, NM_016602, NM_001212, NM_005314
cytoplasm6 out of 23 genes, 26.1%5977 out of 30000 genes, 19.9%132.00%3.84NM_001002, NM_053275, NM_032918, NM_001212, NM_014326, NM_001007
integral to plasma membrane3 out of 23 genes, 13.0%2548 out of 30000 genes, 8.5%133.85%4.40NM_006922, NM_016602, NM_005314
membrane8 out of 23 genes, 34.8%8533 out of 30000 genes, 28.4%132.71%4.58NM_016602, NM_001212, NM_001459, NM_006922, NM_053286, NM_052900, NM_005314, NM_004767
unannotated3 out of 23 genes, 13.0%8804 out of 30000 genes, 29.3%174.53%11.18NM_018184, NM_024722, NM_003644